Life is an adventure, and it is meant to be written down. I am a writer, poet, songwriter, or as you can say, i love writing. I also enjoy photography, origami, swimming and calligraphy. Feel free to comment or ask me anything!


Me-So you can’t go tomorrow?

John- Sorry, no

Me- Ok thanks

John- ok

Me- See you!

John- See you on Monday then

Me- ok

John- so yeah I can’t go tomorrow

Me- ok you just told me

John- yeah i’m busy

Me- ok

John- ok

Me- k bye then

John- bye

Then I hung up -_-


What is a more in-tune instrument than the Harmonica? I bet you can’t name even one. Haha. Anyway, what I mean is that I love playing the harmonica. What a wonderful instrument. It just sounds right even though mine is made in the key of D… I just finished making a cover of Train’s Drops of Jupiter. Probably the BEST song in history. I recorded it with GarageBand, finished it after about an hour after practicing the song with a harmonica over and over again for the past two weeks. So how does it sound? I want some feedback :) 

link —->


Verse 1: I head north,

The star above waits for me..

I head north,

The color of the winds freezes me…


I still do feel,

The north is my journey.

So I’ll go forth,

To journey to the north..


So I gather up

All my strength

And I look ahead

At the wilderness

Will I ever make it,

oh Will I even make it,

oh Will I make my journey

To the north destination.

Verse 2:

I head north,

As the stars dance in the sky…

I head north,

As warm air surrounds me…


I shiver everywhere

With much excitement

I feel it in my bones

Ready to go…



But when I pause to take a breath

Or when I’m tired of climbing up

I look up at the north star

And ask for it to guide me

On my way…


I shiver everywhere

With much excitement

I feel it in my bones

Ready to go…



Verse 1:

Should I go to extremes,

Without asking why.

I never tried anything new,

Well I could try.


I don’t want to be a broken shelf,

and be abandoned.

Should I try to be the best,

Or do nothing?


It’s just my choices

I make the decisions

Everything was set out

For me to follow

The path was split in half

And now i am left here

Where should i go

To one road or the other?

Verse 2:

Should I strive to be the best,

Without letting anyone down.

I never tried,

Well, I could still try


And since there’s always that,

That let you down,make you up

That goody two shoes, best and all

That second chance.



Taking all the chances,

Being the best.

Everyone is angry,

But I don’t want to hear them



Verse 1:

Wide as oceans

Narrow as cracks

These open doors

Inviting me inside

With the Wind blowing

And the Rain pouring

These open doors

Try to shelter me

Pre - Chorus:

They open up

And blind with the light behind

And we are drawn to find out

The secret of the open doors


Open Doors

Lead us to the Future

Open Doors

Lead to Something Good

All the roads

Lead to Open Doors

Scattering sand

Leads to Open Doors

Verse 2:

Under water, Above land

These doors

Never weather

Never fade

Our wings

Take us there

Follow their trace

And when we’re almost there…



They’re open wide

So come on in

Sit right down

And have a drink

With me….




This weekend is a long one. 4 days. Not as long as before, though! One time last year, we had no school for 2 weeks because of the typhoons. Yeah, things like those happen over here. Only in the Philippines. Starting to miss school already…oh wait, no, starting to miss my friends in school already…the disadvantage of a long weekend!


Verse 1:

I don’t have to be rich,

To be happy,

For you to be right there,

Near me.


If I become 

Rich and famous

Would you still be right there

For I am afraid that… 


As the day ends 

The music plays again 

You come here and

I only want you to be here

For the next day

You might say

Goodbye but,

I want you right there

I want you to be right there

Right there

I want you to be right there

Right there

Verse 2:

I don’t have to be trending 

To have fame

I can do it the easy way 

For you to be right there

I don’t have to show a price tag

To let people think

That I would do anything

To make myself rich



When we do things

We do it Slowly

We don’t like to go fast

No need to rush it up

We don’t like to go fast 

No need to rush it up

When you are right there

For I now know that…



Working on a new song again! Almost done with the album now…. excited for the recoding during Sembreak! :)


Verse 1:

Do you ever ask yourself

whether or not

there’s something beyond these walls

because i do not know the answer 

We are all human

and humans don’t know everything

but we will find out

What’s beyond these walls


We get in that spaceship, 

and even as we dream and see

we still cannot see

the beauty beyond these walls


So we start from the centre of (our hearts/the earth)

And keep digging outwards

In search of the answer

For what’s beyond these walls

We look at the sky 

but don’t see far enough

and we still don’t know 

what’s beyond these walls

Verse 2:

When we look around us

We go forever where our eyes lead us

Out of land, into water

As our eyes and imagination carry us

We go out of space 

We get out of the universe

but we can’t seem to go through

these heavy holding walls beside us



We don’t hold these walls

These walls hold us

but we can’t seem to push through

and discover some more things beyond!



And so in our everyday lives

we don’t have time to explore

but we will soon find out…

What’s beyond these walls!


Verse 1:

You taught me what i need,

You gave me intellectual feed,

I learn everything from you,

You are my parents in school

You taught me to answer why,

Even when I’m feeling low.

When my friends let me down,

You are the one who cheers me up


you are my idol,

and you are my family,

yes you are my friend,

you are my everything.

You are my hero,

and you are always there,

to teach and to learn,

for a brighter future.


I know you’re not perfect,

sometimes you make mistakes,

but i can give you roses,

for all that you taught me

You taught me never to look back,

and i thank you for that, 

I will give you roses,

for all you’ve taught me

Verse 2:

Thanks for everything,

Roses are red and they are for you,

For you are appreciated


You are my idol,

you are my friend,

You are my everything

'cause you are my teacher



I know that I’m saying this just now

but do know that always and everyday

I’ll always thank you

I’ll always be glad

and I’ll always be remembering


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Hi everyone! Please like this photo for my class project! You may also share it if you want. :D Thanks a lot!

Eileen Brennan passed away? :( R.I.P. Eileen! One of my most favorite actresses!

I just remembered this song from 2009- one of the greatest songs of my generation! :D


It’s the year of the snake

Yes, you heard me right

There’s no time to take

It’s not time to fight

We are all the same

We humbly show our talents

with no shame

So we shall fold our tents

pack our bags

and celebrate

there’s no time to wait

It’s the year of the snake

Yes, you heard me right

It’s our year this year

let’s party every night

and go with out fear!


Hi! It’s me again! Welcome to another weekend!

Ok. First, let me explain the title. It is the dreaded QT that I’m talking about. Why,yes! it was as difficult as can be! Earlier this morning, we had our first two subjects for the quarterly test. We had Social Science and Science today… at least the Science test was mostly multiple choice or short answers! At least I didn’t break my hand in THAT test. The torture came in during Social Science. Our 1 hour and 15 minute exam wasn’t long enough, and I didn’t finish the test. And that was 40% of the final grade, by the way. It was full of essays, essays, long answers, complete sentences, conclusions, summaries and whatnot! If only the English test on Monday will be creative writing about any topic we want, like last year! In last year’s English quarterly test, we had to write a composition about anything we want. At least I like writing. Lucky me. 

So I guess I’m just waiting for Monday and Tuesday.. the last 2 days of the QT. good luck to my batchmates and I!